Stephanie Becomes a Criminal is the 5th Episode of the fanmade 9th Season of Full House.

Stephanie Becomes a Criminal
Season 9, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date August 27th, 1995.
Written by Lizzie Hood.
Directed by Lizzie Hood.
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All That Glitters is DJ Tanner Trouble in Tanner Town 2: Return of the Rusty


While at the Jewelery Store, DJ Sees an Awesome Skirt she wants, but its on layaway. Stephanie, Scared about what happened when she was 7, in the Season 3 Episode, Little Shop of Sweaters, Hesitates and Steals it. Meanwhile, Kimmy gets Threatened by the New Bully on Gerard, Mitzy Monsford. (Miley Cyrus.)

Plot A: Stephanie Steals a Skirt for DJ, Despite what happened 6 Years Ago in 1989.

Plot B: Kimmy gets Bullied by Mitzy Monsford.

Plot C: Michelle Steals a Stuffed Animal, Mr. Lion.