Season 9 Episode 2-Please Don't Take My Sister, is the 2nd Episode of the Fanmade 9th Season of Full House. In This Episode, DJ Prepares to go to Harvard University while Stephanie, DJ, Hannah, Kimmy and Gia Unite to try to Stop her from leaving.

Please Don't Take My Sister
Season 9, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date August 6th, 1995.
Written by Lizzie Hood.
Directed by Lizzie Hood.
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The Nanny. Michelle Pox.


DJ Prepares to go to Harvard University. Stephanie, Hannah Gia, Kimmy, and Michelle Unite to Stop her before their Relationship Disappers Forever.

Plot A: DJ Prepares for Harvard.

Plot B: Kimmy, Gia, Hannah, Stephanie and Michelle Try to Stop DJ from going to College.

Plot C: Jesse and Rebecca set up a Playdate for the Twins.